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Any additional clients or software that are required by this site are listed here.

To download the following software, click on the download button under the appropriate listing.

To install the programs, follow the directions provided on installing the software on the product's website.

The following programs are required for use of this site:

Adobe Acrobat Reader
  • Visit Product Website
  • Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) is an open de facto standard for electronic document distribution worldwide. Adobe PDF is a universal file format that preserves all the fonts, formatting, graphics, and color of any source document, regardless of the application and platform used to create it.

    Some scanned documents on this site are in PDF format, and require the Adobe Acrobat Reader to view them.

    Download the Adobe Acrobat Reader

    Black Ice TIFF Viewer Plug-In
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  • TIFF (Tagged Image File Format) is a compressed format commonly used to store images of scanned documents. Some scanned documents on this site are in TIFF format, therefore a browser integrated TIFF viewer is required to view them.

    Although there are many TIFF-viewing programs available, this site requires a browser integrated solution, such as the free Black Ice TIFF Viewer Plug-In, available below.

    You may use this free program or any other browser integrated TIFF viewer that you find, however, the capabilities and cost of each program varies.

    Download the Black Ice TIFF Viewer Plug-In

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